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Buying Tips For Term Life Insurance:

  • Get more than one independent life insurance agent to help you, then choose between them. They will reduce your shopping time, help you with the application and keep each other honest
  • 90% of all term life plans are canceled. Make sure that you can handle life insurance premium payments
  • Sign the life insurance application after you answer the questions completely. If you are younger and healthy, the company may not require doctors records
  • If you are older and have a medical history or want a substantial amoutn of life insurance, the company will almost certainly require your doctors records
  • Cancel your old life insurance policy only after you have been approved by a new company. Term life rates have trended down, so it might benefit you, especially if you stoped smoking and the old company won't reconsider your premium.
  • Read your policy when it arrives. You have usually a 30 day right of refusal if you find something you didn't know about in the application.
  • Discuss what your plan is at the tend of the term policy with your agent, if you are going to renew or convert to a whole life product. ALso find out how much it will be to increase the face amount
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